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VW Service

Our services for your Volkswagen.

Your VW partner garage.

With Volkswagen, we offer the largest network of car services in Germany, so that you are in good hands with us as a Volkswagen partner.

Well-advised: Whether you have questions about maintenance or repairs, need help with the professional installing of original parts, or you just want a few tips – whatever your wish, you’re at the right place.

Always mobile.

As a Volkswagen customer, you should know yourself to be in safe hands, wherever you are – that is our aspiration. The LongLife mobility guarantee offers you everything you need should you ever find yourself stranded with your vehicle, from roadside assistance to replacement vehicle services and even hotel stays. This all-round protection is guaranteed to you, as long as you keep up with the mandatory services for your Volkswagen.

As comfortable as it gets.

If your Volkswagen needs to be serviced, that doesn’t mean you have to come along. One call is all it takes, and the pick-up-and-return service moves into action. We pick up your car from your address and return it afterwards. Both inexpensive and convenient. We will also provide you with a replacement vehicle for the time, should you wish – also brought right to your front door.

If you’re in a hurry.

Sometimes repairs need to be made quickly. If your schedule demands it, or if you’re about to go on holiday. Volkswagen Express Service focuses on routine jobs that take up less than 90 minutes. For example, tyre service or common wear and tear repairs on brakes or shock absorbers. All your wishes fulfilled, without an appointment.

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